Upcoming Programs & Events

Learn about the many ways you can participate at The Field Museum. We are currently offering the following programs, events, and opportunities.




High School teens! Join The Field Museum as we take you through designing your very own mammal character using traditional and digital media tools to create an illustrated trading card you can share with family and friends! No prior drawing experience is necessary.  Learn more and register for one of these two sessions offered!

Session I  (March 26-27)
Session II (March 29-30)

Two Sessions Offered! FREE with Registration!




The Field Museum Youth Council will host their second curioCITY on Saturday, May 12, 2018 with a new set of speakers! curioCITY is a high school speaker series run by teens for teens where Youth Council members facilitate a conversation between a Field Museum scientist and a professional in a different career to explore what ties together their unconnected paths. Fun activities, snacks, sweepstakes, and free museum admission is included with registration. Check back soon for more information and registration.






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