By Gillian G, Youth Council Member

Earlier in the scholastic year a group of passionate, dedicated high school students from around the Chicagoland area came together for the first time. While diverse in their backgrounds, all the council members share a commonality; their passion for exploration and innate curiosity lead them to represent the youth of our community. The goal is to bridge the gap between teenagers and the Field Museum, and strengthen the partnership between the two. To accomplish this goal, members work to host two curioCITY career events centered on sparking interest in science and non-science careers and investigating the connections between teen experiences and the work of the museum. By inviting scientists and professionals of other careers to the Field Museum, a teen audience can be a part of the conversation between these professionals. Throughout the conversation the parallels seen between the participants has inspired inquiry into careers as diversified as FBI agent and shark geneticist, artist and anthropologist, geologist and visual arts professional, and many others!

Youth council members are able to plan and create teenage centric events. In addition, youth council members have the opportunity to build career skills, team build, and become part of the Field Museum community.  Our meetings take place in the Digital Media Studio, a space designed by teens for teens at the Field Museum. Sharing ideas and passions in a space curated for such a purpose has become integral to the success of curioCITY. Youth council members, both experienced and inexperienced, come together to influence the evolution of teen involvement at the Field Museum.  

When asked about her favorite part of the Field Museum Youth Council members Delia echoed this sentiment, “I have grown a lot over the program, and have witnessed the growth of my peers. I have enjoyed how involved I am in the process of curating a learning environment at the Field Museum and hope to keep in touch in the future!

Youth are the change we need for the future we hope to embody. Be a part of that change by following the youth council on Instagram at teens-take-the-field and updates from this blog. Hope to see you at upcoming events!

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The Field Museum’s Youth Council has done it again. On June 16th, 2018, in the Grainger Digital Media Studio, wisdom was shared, minds were blown, and many were left inspired. For starters, why in the world would we choose to bring together someone who works to restore ancient artifacts and someone who uses images and words to get people to buy a product? Curious? Keep on reading to find out, and buckle up as you prepare to be amazed by the magnificence that was Mainstream Mummies!


If you know the Field Museum Youth Council, you know curioCITY is our thing. The Youth Council strives to create events that inspire curiosity and intellectual thought, and usually, these are events that The Field Museum plans by itself and hopes to share with teens from across the city. These events inspire career exploration and spark a passion for science. However, on a rainy Saturday this fall, our curiosity was shared in a new way.


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September 16th marked the kickoff of the 2017 Youth Council. Ready to explore and create teen museum programs, fourteen teenagers made their way up to the Digital Media Studio, a space designed by teens for our teens at the Field Museum. Youth Council members, diverse in their backgrounds from across Chicagoland and beyond, are working to host two curioCITY career events designed to get teens excited about science (as we clearly are!) and non-science careers to connect the museum’s work with the teen experience. This is done by inviting scientists and other professionals in different careers to the Field Museum, to have a conversation moderated by Youth Council members on their respective fields in front of a teen audience. The outcomes are fascinating and in the past we’ve inspired teens career pathways by bringing together scientists in geology with a visual arts professional, a computer science engineer with a DNA geneticist, and a conservation biologist with fire forensics investigator!