Raptors in the Sky

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In this intensive video design workshop, teens met a live peregrine, went behind-the-scenes of The Field Museum and spoke with researchers and conservationists. Design Studio teens then worked with educators and video professionals on storytelling and video product ion techniques to produce short videos inspired by peregrine falcons and the work of The Field Museum. A final public video screening was hosted by teens for family, friends, and community members at the Museum. 


HS Digital Learning Internship

The Digital Learning Residency is an ongoing summer program that dives deeply into the science and digital learning of The Field Museum. In this 5 week paid summer residency, high school students gain scientific research experience and work together to communicate the research of The Field Museum out to the general public via an interactive digital media installation. Students work hand-in-hand with Field Museum scientists and digital learning specialists.


ASM: H20 Games


High school students across Chicago spent ten weeks at The Field Museum learning about freshwater ecosystems. Working with Caleb McMahan, Collections Manager of Fishes, other Field Museum scientists, and a variety of other water and game design professionals, teens worked together to design and create scientifically accurate board games that teach on topics from invasive species to fish migration.  This program was made possible by a partnership with After School Matters.