Game Design: Ancient Civilizations

Youth both played board games and investigated life in ancient times during this program! Young people explored our two brand new exhibits, Cyrus Tang Hall of China and Vikings, met the scientists behind the exhibits, went behind-the-scenes, and examined what life was like thousands of years ago. Throughout the week-long program, the youth played board games based on life in ancient civilizations and talked about what these game makers got right about life in ancient times and what they got totally wrong.

Designing 3D Objects with Meaning

Participants explored the artifacts recovered from a 13th century Java Sea Shipwreck, investigated the meaning of the color yellow and discovered the stories beneath the surface in the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.  Teens learned about the meaning behind the symbols that adorn the objects and clothing that were used in daily life in ancient China. Using 3D design tools, teens designed and made an object that told their own story. Teens experienced behind-the-scenes tours and met the scientists behind the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.

Gaming through the Ages

Youth explored ancient civilizations in the Cyrus Tang Hall of China, The Ancient Americas, & Inside Ancient Egypt. Afterwards, students played board games based on an ancient civilization. After exploring the exhibits and games, the youth used the technology tools in the Grainger Digital Media Studio to design pieces to use for table-top gaming, create remixes or modifications to existing games, and to design prototypes of a brand new game.