This program introduced teens to concepts of biomechanics and how digital fabrication can enhance science. Participants had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet scientists who use digital technologies to advance their research and share scientific knowledge. Participants then used simple 3D modeling software to scan a Museum object for 3D printing.


Game Design Birds

This intensive one-and-a-half week game design workshop was created for middle school-aged teens and tweens. In this program, participants learned about how birds communicate and then created location-based mobile games for their friends to play. Family members and friends were invited to the Museum on the final day of the program for a play event. 


Sound Design

This program took youth on an auditory expedition around the world. Participants recorded sounds found in the natural world like bat calls and birdsongs.  Students heard and felt the rhythms of the Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Americas while creating their own beats.  Participants also met scientists and professional sound engineers as they worked to create audio experiences that feature the collections and exhibits at The Field Museum in new and innovative ways.