Viking Game First Thoughts

Our first thoughts to start the project were that each player starts off on an island, where they start off the game collecting resources such as wood and food. Eventually they can use the wood to make boats and sail to other people’s islands to attack them. Food is used and stockpiled to be used in the winter to determine how many people survive determining the winner. We can’t wait to see how this turns out and we’re excited to use 3D printers!- The Raptor

Vikings Game vs. Exhibit by Keely

After learning about what preconception of Vikings people have I was amazed to learn what vikings were actually about. Comparing the preconceptions to the exhibit, I’d say they have little in common. The exhibit showed us how Vikings lived in communities; they farmed and prospered just like small communities do today. The preconceptions of vikings don’t have much in common with the exhibit itself, but I’d say have some things in common with the game Viking we played during camp. In this game we took turns buying parts of islands and ships to create our own Viking world. It wasn’t very in depth but in some parts you had to rely on certain game pieces to help others out which I believe connects to the exhibit (about Viking communities) rather than the preconceptions of Vikings we talked about during camp.

Viking Preconceptions by Samantha M.

My preconceptions of Vikings included horned hats and burley, barbarous men that went on raids and conquered distant lands. Some of it was true, such as their discovery and settlement of faraway places like Eastern Canada and Iceland. The rest however is false. They were actually rather clean people that had a structured society where men, women, and even children went on “Vikings” to settle trade matters or expand their settlements. It was pleasantly surprising to discover that women played an important role during their time, and had power around the home as well as in government.