Anil C HS Internship Day 24

Today was the second to last day, so we spent the entire day in the studio working on this game. We finally got to play test the game with the public, and that went a lot better than I thought it would. We went late with the play testing though, so I have to keep this blog post relatively short. Tomorrow we have the final presentation and I’m going to spend the rest of the day stressing out about it, even though I know that is totally pointless.

Heaven W Learning Center Day#24

Today we play tested our game, and we even let some of the public play it. Everybody really enjoyed it. They thought it was so fun, but they wished it was longer. Some people also wished that the game had a girl botanist. Overall the game was a huge success. I wish we had 1 more week to make the game super good! Other then that I’m proud of the product we made. Also I can’t wait to start volunteering in the botany department after the internship is over, maybe I’ll run into a pharmacologist:)

Sebastian G HS Internship Day 24

Today was a great day and great experience for me. I am starting to realize that tomorrow is our last day in this internship which is really sad. In the morning we were making more adjustments and even when there are problems in our way. I am really proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished. In the afternoon we played tested with the public and it was an amazing experience because we got to see everyone play our game and enjoy it. We got lots of good reviews and that made me really happy.

Sebastian G HS Internship Day 23

Today we play tested with other interns and staff of the field museum. This was very useful because we got an insight to how people approach the game and what they do to pass the game. Sadly, me and Heaven still had lots to fix with the coding. This was a pain, but thankful the feedback we got from play testing helped us make the game easier to play and fun. I can’t wait for Friday.

Anil C HS Internship Day 23

Today we went back to botany, so that we could finish georefrencing the specimens in Canada. Fortunately, however, there were fewer specimens than I thought there would be, so we finished within an hour and a half. After that we organized for some of the college interns to play test our game which turned out to be extremely helpful. After going through this game so many times, we became kind of blind to the smaller errors, and having fresh sets of eyes- who also didn’t know the plant hall as well as we did- was really helpful in exposing the areas of the game that needed improvements.

Heaven W Learning Center Day#23

Today we play tested the game with the people from botany and some people from the learning center. It was really interesting to see everyone’s opinion on our game. Some really good opinions were adding a compass, splitting the map into two, I’m happy with the results. It’s a lot of minor things that we need to fix but the game is going to be the best!!! I’m so excited:)