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September 16th marked the kickoff of the 2017 Youth Council. Ready to explore and create teen museum programs, fourteen teenagers made their way up to the Digital Media Studio, a space designed by teens for our teens at the Field Museum. Youth Council members, diverse in their backgrounds from across Chicagoland and beyond, are working to host two curioCITY career events designed to get teens excited about science (as we clearly are!) and non-science careers to connect the museum’s work with the teen experience. This is done by inviting scientists and other professionals in different careers to the Field Museum, to have a conversation moderated by Youth Council members on their respective fields in front of a teen audience. The outcomes are fascinating and in the past we’ve inspired teens career pathways by bringing together scientists in geology with a visual arts professional, a computer science engineer with a DNA geneticist, and a conservation biologist with fire forensics investigator!