ASM DAY 11: Andrew

Some of the factors determining the successfulness or challenges in the fresh water fish populations in the Great Lakes is that more and more invasive species’ are increasing in the background, increasing the threat of them while the native fish are still safe for now. Its like when you’re Rome in the early 1000’s and you’re weakened, and you see all these other Germanic tribes gathering at your borders ready to conquer your territory. You know you’re safe for now, but you also know that within time they’re going to be stronger than you and that they’re going to try to take you over eventually. The successes is that The Great Lakes are very wide and expansive, and even if invasive species’ do come eventually, there is a lot of space to bounce back. Just like when Rome knew it was going to fall, so it split into two empires, the eastern empire endured 1,000 more years before finally falling to the emerging Ottoman Empire. There is hope for you yet native fish, there is still hope.

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