ASM Day 8 Kaitlyn

The games that we created and played reflected a more serious side of some issues and I noticed that the games became more complicated as we incorporated the elements into the theme or mechanics. This could be due to the actual complicity of the issues that we were trying to convey in the game, which makes the fact that games don’t usually touch on these topics understandable. I also noticed that when playing these games, there were more apparent parallels to the real world around us which makes it a heavier atmosphere when everyone really thinks about what a decision meant. Games are meant to be a fun pasttime, and when a game is detached from a serious subject, it makes it easier to forget that there are issues around us. This makes it appealing to most people seeking a game. However, when played by the right audience, a game encompassing a serious subject can be an effective technique for awareness about the issues in the world.

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