Jonathan C. Digital Learning Internship Day #22

Today we went to the Botany room to work on more geo referencing in which was fine with us because it gave us a chance to concentrate on something else than the game. After the Botany room we took a group down to the plant hall in order for them to try out our game. They seemed to enjoy the game, but also noticed a few problems or difficulties involving certain beacon signals, the map, and audio. We then returned back to the studio to fix all those problems and all this work became challenging to us in many ways, but we finally made it through. We were also introduced to new difficulties like Anil getting chewed off by Bill Burger who refused to participate in the game, in which he took it too seriously, and me making many versions of my map cause the original map which had a few mistakes. This was overall a hard day, but we all managed to make it through."Category HS"

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