Sebastian G HS Internship Day 15

Today we went on a cool scavenger hunt to find where algae is mentioned or seen in the museum. So we literally went all around the whole field museum. Algae was barely mentioned through words, but it was in many dioramas and pictures in different exhibits. It really made us think how plants are not being talked about to the general public like animals are. It is really important that we realize how important plants are in our daily lives and plants are really a necessity for life on Earth.
In the afternoon we had a skype call with Judy Perry, who is from TaleBlazer. She really helped us organize our game better and also made us think about a possible theme for the game. She also made us realize that there should not just be a good and bad answer choice, but one choice can be better than the other to lead you to a certain ending depending on what you choose.

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