Sebastian G HS internship Day 13

Today we photographed the ferns. It was really fun and cool to be able to take the pictures that people are going to input to the databases. It was fun moving around a little and taking good pictures, so they can be clear for people to read.

In the afternoon a lady named Patience gave us lots of advice for how to play test our future games and how to approach people to play test our prototypes. Her advice was very useful. We also started coming up with an idea for our game. We now know our basic plot which is you’re a botanist. The world is being overcrowded and we are trying to go to mars to make it just like earth, with life and vegetation. Our game is already making good progress. We came up with some characters like the boss and caretakers for recreational plants, medical plants, lumber etc. We’re going to work hard on the game so it can be educational, but also fun.

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