Sebastian G HS internship day 12

Yesterday we could not post a blog post because we went to the chicago botanic garden.
This place was huge and kind of far from the city so we did not come to the museum. I learned that the chicago botanic garden is not just lots of beautiful plants and gardens on display for the public, it is also a place of research focused on conservation of plants, flowers etc. We got a tour of their research labs where they they test and see the genetics of certain plants so they know how certain plants interact and survive. They were also looking at many fossils from Asia to see signs if their were coniferous trees a lot farther into history than what was previously known. They also test many seeds and other aspects of plants in order to continue their research of conservation of endangered plant species. I also liked the Japanese garden and its zig-zag bridge ton scare away the evil spirits since they can only travel strait.
Today we also played an interesting games with cards were we have to keep our stories going with the cards we had and I sucked sadly. I wasn’t quick enough to get rid of all my cards. We also started just making random game ideas by coming up with lots of ideas. This was good to get us to start thinking and get our creative side out.

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