Jonathan C. Digital Learning Internship Day #12

Yesterday was a very fun and interesting day. We all went on a fun trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens in order to explore the many plants there and talk to scientists behind the scenes. It was very hot that day and Christine liked to watch us suffer in the heat while walking, but the Botanical Gardens were worth it because it was a very beautiful sight to see and the information we learned was very interesting. We all had a very great time there overall besides the long walks and heat.Today we did transcribed labels today in the morning as usual and after that we all had a very great time coming up with different ideas for our games. Most of our ideas were very weird and creative and we all had fun doing this. What I found the most fun was the board game Keith taught us to play. Everyone enjoyed and had a BLAST playing this game because it gave us the chance to be creative and even funny! This by FAR was the best thing of today.
"Category HS"

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