Anil C HS Internship Day 10

Today in botany instead of georefrencing specimens we started transferring old labels into the online portal for bryophytes, and I personally liked this a lot more than the georefrencing. When you’re transferring information from a label to an online portal you never need to go on the wild goose chases that you have to do when you’re searching for a ridiculously specific place while georefrencing. What we did while in the botany department wasn’t the only thing that changed, however. Instead of being locked up on the third floor like we usually are, we did the label processing in Stanley Field Hall so that we could raise awareness for the crowd sourcing event Mat is holding in October. In the second half of the day we got to have a short Q and A with Kellian who works at Green Door Labs. During this short session we got to pick her brain on how she makes educational games for institutions.

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