Sarah A Learning Center Day #4

Today was super awesome! In the morning we went up to Botany and had our first real dive into geo-referencing. Basically what this means is that we spent the morning using our laptops to input data into a online database. The information we were inputting consisted of the exact location in which each specimen was collected from. In order to find this exact location we used geo-referencing that uses GPS in addition to the actual botanist’s field notes. We used the notes that were already inputted to the database along with our GPS technology in order to find a radius as to where the specimen was collected. This information will help scientists in the future to be able to go back to the exact location and discover whether or not the plant is still in the spot it used to be. If it is not where it used to be, then the scientist can use the location we input in order to compare it to where the plant lives now. In the afternoon, we used our iPads to test our some TaleBlazer games inside and outside of the museum. This gave us an idea of the game that we will make for the Plant Hall and how TaleBlazer works in general. Tomorrow we will get to modify some of the previously made TaleBlazer games!

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