China Hall Post – Shira F.

Let me start off by saying that the exhibit was VERY visual. To me, it was more like a gallery of artifacts than a textbook on a wall. This doesn’t make it bad, it makes it different. For this reason, the method of learning needed was different. I liked it. So I can’t really trow a bunch of facts at you. On the other hand, I can throw a bunch of pictures. (Mental pictures) Picture a tea pot that looks like some odd animal skin, but is truly clay with flowers. Or a bell soaked in culture. Or a puppet show of a story that seems so modern, but is so old. In the China Hall, we saw history. We did not read it, or hear it. You did not hear people dissecting words. You heard them looking and discovering things they might have heard of, but never seen. It was, like I said, different. For my game, I am taking advantage of the artifacts. I took about fifty pictures, but decided to limit the number that I’m using to only about ten. I guess it’s a good thing that games should be visual.

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