Reflection 2–Dionna

Yesterday, we learned about levers. Levers are simple machines that make work easier by moving a load around a pivot using a fulcrum. The mass at either end and the distance from the mass and the fulcrum are inversely proportional. In other words, if the left side load increases, it’s distance from the fulcrum should decrease in order for the effort on the right to be able to still balance it out if the effort’s mass/force is held constant.

My catapult was relatively precise. It hit the same place on the wall 2/3 times. My target was higher on the wall than where my marshmallow hit, so my catapult was not accurate. This was due to its lack of strength in its structure.

Biomechanics is the study of mechanisms already present in nature. Biomimicry is the application of nature’s structural successes to man-made objects. For example, Velcro is modeled after burrs.

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